Are geranium flowers edible? Let’s Find Out!

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The mention of geranium evokes an image of a Parisian window laden with beautiful little pots of the tender plant. Imagine we are sitting beautifully up there, spreading its romantic scent and filling the air with love. We are on verandas and windows all over the world the beauty we deserve from houseplants.
But did you know that geraniums are not the red tender flowers you imagine right now? Instead, there are tons of types of geranium itself, ranging in different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, let’s get to know more about everyone’s favorite flower- Geranium. Also, read about: Fragrant Flowers Geranium.

Did you know?

  • Geraniums are natively from southern Africa, but some also say some flower species are from New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East.
  • They can be as tall as 6 feet tall or as short as merely 12 inches.
  • We can easily find them in the wild flora.
  • They are perennial plants and can last for several years.
  • They are famous for their sweet scent, which they release when we touch their leaves.
  • They are commonly called crane bills.
  • They can be grown healthily in any soil which is not waterlogged.
  • Some of the types of geranium flowers are even edible.
Are geranium flowers edible? Let's Find Out!
Are geranium flowers edible?

Yes, Geranium flowers are edible!

These flower products are tremendous, and we can consume and even use them for various culinary purposes. So be it in a cream or tea or essential oil, they are friendly materials in the kitchens. But, of course, one of the reasons behind its popularity can also be the fact that it’s such a strong-spirited herb.
Even if handled roughly or the soil quality is poor, these herbs grow beautifully, spreading their enchanting smell. First, though, we should still remember that not all types of geranium are edible. So, before bringing it to the kitchen table, make sure that the kind of geranium you are using is edible and not harmful for you or your loved ones.

How can you use this herb?

It is better that you use this herb right when it’s fresh and does not dry well. Hence, it would be more beneficial to use it fresh in your tea, oil base, or any cream you prepare and add a little charm.

Geranium flowers As tea

As mentioned earlier, you can use geranium flowers to make tea as well. The process to make it quite simple. First of all, pick the leaves and flowers of geranium in half of the amount of tea you will make. Next, fill the rest portion with water. Boil the water for about 5-10 minutes. Let it rest for a couple of minutes and then strain. Your tea is now ready. You can add a teaspoon of honey to the tea if you prefer your drinks sweeter.

Geranium flowers As an essential oil

Herbs are famous for being functional as essential oils. Geranium in itself is a pretty valuable herb to heal a lot of skincare problems. To use it effectively, you should dilute the geranium essential oil properly with a maximum concentration of 2% only. You can use any cream base you prefer or use extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil for the dilution itself.

Culinary decoration

The geranium flowers are often valuable for decorating iced food like cakes and pastries. These virtues have a dual benefit as the flowers add to the beauty and appearance of the dish and give off a sweet scent that captivates the diner’s senses. Alternatively, they are also worthwhile for iced teas or juices as a decoration.

Geranium flowers for adding a unique taste to your dish

Not only is this herb edible, but it also has a unique taste that can contribute immensely to your dish. For example, if you prepare the savory dough, you can add a few leaves to have a nice unique flavor. This trick works the best with pancakes, sponge cakes, or scones. Also, you can use the fresh herb leaves with softened butter to give it a delicious flavor.

Other Benefits if we consume geranium flower products.

Other than the general uses of geranium in kitchens and gardens, these amazing herbs also have many health benefits. Some of which are as follows:

Reduces stress

This herb contains organic compounds that have a soothing effect on the nervous system, positively affecting your endocrine system, and help balance out the hormones responsible for stress and anxiety. For generations, people have been brewing their tea to gain these soothing effects and reduce their stress.

Geranium flowers for insect bites

If you got bit in the garden by a bug and the affected area is really itchy and hurting now, quickly pick some geranium leaves and bruise them lightly. Put this natural product on the affected area for a couple of minutes. Your itchiness will soon disappear, leaving your skin in a much healthier state.

Pain relief

If you suffer from a chronic disease or migraines, then germanium’s analgesic property can help you out. It is a traditional remedy and valuable to cure headaches and pain of other injuries. Research proves that this herb is capable of releasing endorphins and positively affective pain from injuries or diseases. However, we need to remember that this herb is in no way a replacement for permanently prescribed pain relief medicines.

Geranium flowers for immunity booster

Germanium can boost your immunity by strengthening your body’s defense system and making it vital to fight against infections and diseases. In addition, the antimicrobial properties of the herb prevent pathogens from negatively affecting your body.

Geranium flowers Good for kidney

Due to its diuretic properties, geranium can be helpful for the kidneys’ health. It can stimulate urination and help eliminate toxins and excess salts from the body without stressing the kidneys. It is considered a safe option for diabetic patients as well.

Although geraniums are famous for fragrant flowers, you should also remember that their benefits are not just their beauty and fragrance. They can also help keep up your good health and help cure various diseases and injuries. Also, read this.

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