Can we grow Lily of the Valley at home?

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Have you heard about Lily of the Valley? If not then here we are going to tell you some tips about growing this in a pot right at your home. How cool is that? if you want to plant Lily of the Valley at home then what do you do? Let us take a closer look at the steps involved in this planting process.

What are the steps to plant Lily of the Valley at home?
• Firstly, gear yourself and put on your garden gloves and then loosen the bundle of pips of Lily of the Valley. You need to open it loose and make sure that you hold all the pips firmly together. Also, if there is any packing material, make sure you take that off too.
• Then you need to hold all these pips together and place them at the end of the bucket. Then pour water until the full mass of pips is covered. Then you can let them soak for some hours.
• The next step involves the moistening of the potting soil. If your pot is is taller than its width then it is a great option because it will be able to accommodate the long roots of the Lily of the Valley.
• Then you need to take out the pips from the bucket. Then if required then you will have to trim the roots if the pot isn’t suitable for them. Make sure you use a knife that is sharp and clean. Do not worry about harming the plant if they have to be trimmed 1 to 2 inches from the roots.
• Then in the area surrounding the pips fill it up with moistened potting soil. You will have to adjust the depth of the pips so that the soil just covers the bud tops.
• Then you need to keep the pot in light that is indirect and bright in a room that has a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that the soil is kept moist but it shouldn’t become soggy. There is no need of using any fertilizers for these plants that will grow from the pips.

What are some tips that you should be aware of?
• During early spring, you should plant the lily of the valley in an outdoor pot.
• You need to trim the stalks of the plant of the bell-shaped after they fade away. Also, do not forget to keep watering the plants until you see their foliage turning yellow.
• Another important thing that you should bear in mind is that any part of the lily of the valley can be highly toxic if consumed. So, ensure that the plants are out of the reach of pets and kids.

But there are many people who aren’t aware of how easy it is to grow Lily of the valley at home. Also, the plants do not require any cold treatment or extra efforts. All you got to do is plant them and then see them bloom and make your home prettier. You can have fragrance all throughout the cold winter months by planting the lily of the valley in intervals of 3 weeks.

What are the various health benefits associated with Lily of the valley?
It helps to reduce scars: burns and other wounds will leave no scars anymore! Wondering why? Because an ointment made from lily of the valley is used for the treatment. The scar tissues will be healed effectively and quickly.
Digestion is kept healthy: this herb is used as an alternative for aloe vera because of the laxative and purgative qualities possessed by it. This is helpful in keeping the digestive process of the body smooth.
Heart-related disease: this plant is referred to as cardiac tonic. This herb is very useful and beneficial when used in the treatment of various heart-related problems. It helps in treating heart diseases like dropsy and congestive failure of the heart, valvular heart disease and cardiac debility. It also is helpful in blood dilation. It also contains diuretic properties that are helpful in lowering the pressure level of blood.
Mental issues: it is considered that the oil extracted from the fragrant flowers tend to be a great relief for various mental problems. Usually, this oil is used in aromatherapy which is used for treating headaches and depression. Apart from these things, it can also be used for treating epilepsy and memory loss.
Plays a role in the treatment of urinary tract infection: a tincture is being prepared with the flower products of the lily of the valley and this is used for treating UTI as it is helpful in cleaning the obstructions from the urethra.

What do the other benefits include?
• Helps in breaking down of kidney stones
• Used for treating conjunctivitis
• Essential oil is also used in the treatment of loss of speech, shock, and paralysis
• It also prevents the retention of water in the body
• Beneficial in the treatment of leprosy and swelling too
• It deals with poisoning and alcoholism

Does the plant have any side effects?
Just like many of these herbs out there, lily of the valley can be poisonous if it is not handled properly. Also, if you want to use the plant, it is important that you get a medical recommendation. Also, make sure you use it under the guidance of the doctor.

The major side effects of this plant include the following:
• The plant’s red berries are very poisonous and should never be consumed in any form.
• Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t consume it during lactation and pregnancy, as it can affect the baby greatly.
• It can cause pain in the abdomen and if overdosed it can also lead to cardiac failure.

Also, you shouldn’t replace your drug with your regular dosage of medicines. If you decide to opt for natural products, it is important that you consult a doctor before taking a final decision. Using herbal drugs can be beneficial to your health but it also has side effects. So, it is important to get all your facts right before deciding on anything.

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