Growing Lavender for Profit

Growing Lavender for Profit

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Growing Lavender for Profit

Growing Lavender for Profit

Awesome Lavender Flower And The Potential

Lavender, botanically termed as the Lavandula, has been grown in the temperate regions of the earth over 2500 years. These flowering plants are widely used for extraction of oil, like culinary herbs, intense cosmetics, ornamental flowers and, untraditional medicines, although there is no proven evidence against lavender for curing any disease or illness. Theme lavender was derived from the Latin word “Livire”, which means blueish.

Profile of lavender:

Lavender, as a medicinal plant, has antiseptic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties in them to treat burns and wounds. It is also best in helping fight fungal infections as they have an anti-fungal property in them. These shrubs help prevent hair loss and repair damaged scalp. Consumption of lavender in a nonconcentrated manner can keep digestive problems such as acidity, nausea, abdominal swelling, etc. at bay. These fragrant flowers are used to treat anxiety, stress, and restlessness in aromatherapy because their fragrance is relaxant agents. Reports have been in favor of lavender oil for reduction in consumption of painkillers post tonsillectomy surgery and premenstrual cycles for emotional balance.

Lavender as a culinary herb is used in baking, hot beverages, and deserts as flavoring agents must like vanilla. They spread a relaxing aroma when served, which makes people’s mood pleasant and warm. Lavender is also another flavor like vanilla commonly spotted in ice creams, teas, etc. They are generally used in jams and sauces to give consistency and to increase the depth of hue of the food. Best combinations are made long with raspberries or black currents for jams. Lavender is an ingredient of weight loss as they have very fewer calories per gram.

Lavender oil is used in both the perfume industry and the pharmaceutical industry. These fragrant flowers are widely used in French perfume and across the world too. They carry a pleasant and soothing aroma. Not just that, thousands of years ago, Egyptians had cultivated lavender to scent their bodies and were used in the process of mummification to send the dead to the underworld with a pleasant fragrance. It was a belief carried on by the Egyptians.

As an ornamental flower, their color is an added advantage, is used for decoration for bouquets, destination place, bio gardens for tourist attractions, and grown as small potted plants at home. The color is said to be appealing and energizes the air with its fragrance. If noticed carefully, many can see lavender plantations as locations in romantic song sequels, and when they appear on the screen, one can feel the calmness in them.

Not just being a fragrant flower, they also carry the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties is an integrate item in cosmetic formulas and are widely present in lotions, moisturizers, salves, balms, etc. It is because they are accommodating in cell regeneration, treats acne, damaged skin, and also on sensitive skin because it is approved as a nontoxic element.

Despite all these uses, the fragrant flowers cannot be consumed raw firstly because of its better taste, but the ester and alcoholic properties present in it can cause a disturbance. Hence the oil is extracted for a separate purpose and as hydrosol (distilled extractions from lavender).

Cultivation of Lavandula:

Growing lavender is not a big deal. They can either be grown as beds, in the form of hedges around gardens or containers if the climatic conditions are humid. About climatic circumstances itself, these fragrant flowers grow in various zones, and they have multiple breeds in them to suit the weather. Although there are about 40 variants, the most common types of lavenders are English Lavender, Spanish Lavender, French Lavender, and Lavandin. These variants are grown across the globe in various atmospheric conditions.

But this puts forth a question if it is a sun or shade plant. Variants such as the Spanish and the French lavender are grown in arid conditions, whereas the English lavender in humid conditions, is thus said to be a sun plant. Most varieties are likely to grow in sunny and bright areas where they are grown in the open regions such as Mediterranean, Cape Verde, Canary Islands, Europe, Northern, and Eastern Africa, Southwest Asia to Southeast India.

In arid conditions, the plants are grown in beds, directly exposed to sunlight. Good fact about lavender is that they need very little or no fertilizers to grow, little water, and good air circulation. These perennial fragrant flowers are grown as shrubs, small and compact. Whereas in humid conditions, the roots of these plants must be ventilated because they might rot easily due to the sultriness and decay because of fungal growth. This I the reason why they are grown in containers placed in sunny areas for 8 hours straight to get the warmth and a proper drain system for the water to drain and free air circulation.

Lavender, like any other seeded plant, not just grows by human germination but also by bird and insect pollination. Places like Australia where lavender is not grown much by will is spread like a wild bush in most forest areas. This is because of natural pollination, and because of its dense growth, it is also termed as a weed in many regions.

The profitability of lavender:

Lavender can be grown economically as neither the pants nor the seeds are costly. Just going a few plants in the backyard can fetch a few bucks of self as they are wanted in most of the avenues. People who wish to grow it as a plantation for business purposes can sell the produce long with lavender indulged products for better profit margins. They are also one of the highly exported commodities of their natives. Thus the investment and maintenance costs are low, and the revenue of these fragrant flowers is pretty huge.

Thus lavender is not a mere fragrant flower but carries a lot of additional values in it, which is why they are much sought after. Being spread out over the globe, they are available in a decent quantity and being known as perennial flowers, and they will last forever, spreading their heritage to generations together.

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