How do you use Lily of the Valley at home

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How are the products of Lily of the Valley used at home?
A sweet-smelling flower that reminds of summers and everything nice, is how you can describe the scent of the lily of the valley. These flowers are bell-shaped beautiful looking flowers that bloom during the spring season. However, these flowers are also regarded as one fo the mots of poisonous flowers that bloom. These flowers are known for being native of various countries which all fall into the northern hemisphere, being a lot common in Europe and Asia.
These flowers are also called as our lady’s tears, may bells, mary’ s tears, Muguet in French, apollinaris, glovewort, etc. throughout the world. the binomial name used for this flower is Convallaria majalis, belonging to the asparagus family.
The plant is a shooty plant that grows either wild or in the gardens. However one needs to take care of the plant as they tend to grow and rapidly quite fast. They are underground stems that grow and give out upright stems that can be quite difficult to control. They grow in shade and thus too much of the sun can lessen their growth and can damage the flowers as well. these fragrant flowers are one of the most common garden species that is seen in many homes.
Part of folk medicine
Even if the flowers are poisonous and can cause blurred vision, abdominal pain, reduced heart rate, vomiting, skin rashes, etc. it is still quite famous among the herbalists. When the extract of the lily of the valley flower or leave is ingested in a very controlled amount, it can have many health benefits. The capsules made with the flower extracts are also common among the herbalists, which can treat many health issues.
Not only the flower extract is used for health benefits but it has also recently become quite famous for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Today you can find several natural products that are infused with the lily of the valley flower extract that is used for skin and hair care. The face packs, hair oils, creams, soaps, shampoos, etc, are now made with the lily of the valley extracts and thus have become quite a big part of the beauty industry.
Other than health and beauty, lily of the valley is quite common in the perfume industry as well. though initially it was said that imitating the exact scent of the flower was quite difficult and many perfumers failed to do so. But today one can find a very similar scent in various perfumes, talcs, hand creams, etc.
Using the lily of the flower
The ways and flower products which are used to aid one’s health and beauty are:
For medicinal uses:
For medicinal purposes, the capsules, tea, and tinctures are used. These products are used under the guidance to know the exact amount to be taken to avoid toxicity. The lily of the valley has many nutritional values and the main reason is the glycosides that are present in it. two of the main glycosides that are found in this flower are convallarin and convallamarin which is known for its purgative and diuretic effects respectively. other than glycosides the flowers also have a concentration of malic acid, citric acid, saponins, flavonoids, etc.
The extracts of the flower in the form of capsules increase the cardiac muscular activity, but also in return lowers the rate of the heart. Also is has positive effects on the nervous and brain restoration in many cases. Therefore it is seen that it is quite effective in cases of, mitral insufficiency, coma, memory loss, apoplexy, shock, spasms, vertigo, etc.
For cosmetic uses:
For beauty and cosmetic purposes, lily of the valley flower essential is used in creams, lotions, hand creams, etc. also the essential oil extracted from the flowers is quite famous and is used for various purposes. The essential oil is also used in the perfumes to get the very same scent of the flower.
Another of the very common natural product that is used in the beauty industry is the aqua area or flower water. It is a skin astringent with the skin lightening abilities.
Uses of lily of the valley
Some of the major uses of lily of the valley products are:
• Ease the mental stress
The essential oil of the flower is said to have positive effects on one’s mental health issues. But the very common benefit that is observed is that it reduces depression, headaches, and even melancholy. It is also useful in the cases of apoplexy, memory loss and epilepsy, by making the brain cells strong which in turn makes the cognitive power more prominent.
How to use: simply take a few drops of essential oil and dab it on the forehead to get the positive mental effects.
• Treat heart conditions
With age it is quite common for the heart to become weak and can give rise to many ailments like dropsy, valvular heart disease, cardiac debility, etc. the convallamarin found in flower is lowering the high blood pressure. It also helps in the stimulation of the arteries and in optimizing the heart’s muscular action. This is the reason why this herb is also called cardiac tonic.
How to use: mostly for cardiac purposes, the herb is ingested in the form of capsules or the form of tea.
• Treat angina pectoris
Angina pectoris is a heart condition that is caused because of the lack of oxygen delivery to the cardiac muscles and also due to spasms that leads to pain in the chest area. This can be treated and lessened by the lily of the valley herb.
How to use: to treat angina pectoris the herb is ingested and not used topically and thus is used in the form of capsules and tea.
• Treat lung disorders
One of the major lung disorder categories that is quite common is chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Asthma and emphysema being the most common ones among the same and lily of the valley can help in treating these conditions. It also helps in reducing pulmonary edema.
How to use: for treating the lung disorders the extracts are used in the medicines and tonics which is ingested directly.
• Optimize digestion
Convallarin present in the herb is highly effective for keeping the digestive system healthy and smooth. This is because of its purgative and laxative characteristics, that makes sure that the gut is working fine.
How to use: today many laxatives have the lily of the valley extracts in it. on top of that, the herb extracts in the form of capsules and tea are also effective.
• Makes skin beautiful
The soothing and moisturizing the properties of the lily of valley essential oil makes the skin look more smooth and supple. This is the reason it used widely in skin and body moisturizers. It not only helps in making the dry skin more smoother, but it also prevents premature wrinkles.
How to use: one can use the essential oil of the flower mixed with coconut oil or calendula oil. Apply this mixture onto the whole body and especially on the dry and rough skin areas.
• Reduce scars
The flower has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which help in healing the burns and wounds that are there on the skin externally. Also, it prevents any further infection on these wounds if applied directly. The flower products can slowly fade the scars and make skin look healthier and smooth.
How to use: essential oil can be used with any type of carrier oil onto the scar or wound directly.
Final words
Lily of the valley is one of the flowers which is highly effective and slowly is gaining a lot of importance in treating various types of health issues. At home, one can use the tea and essential oil of the flower to treat slight mental stress or to make the skin look more young and glowing. In short, though poisonous lily of the valley is a flower that helps make one more healthy.

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