How to Grow Lavender Plant at Home

How to Grow Lavender Plant at Home

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How to Grow Lavender Plant at Home

How to Grow Lavender Plant at Home

Can we grow lavender at home? And How do you use lavender at home?

Although lavender, which is one of the fragrant flower plants, is not one of the typical ornamental plants for planting in homes. But lavender with the beauty and scent produced can be one of the recommendations of a suitable type of plant to be planted around the house.
We know that lavender is an outdoor plant, but growing it indoors won’t have a significant adverse effect on plants, and you can also make it healthy if you can do the right thing.
Especially in subtropical areas, you will have no choice but to plant lavender indoors because plants cannot stay healthy in cold temperatures during the winter.

What is the problem, and how can it be solved?

Lavender plants that are growing indoors often cannot grow ideally compared to plants grown outdoors. Usually, the color of the leaves does not look fresh due to the lack of light. However, these plants can still improve. That is because the situation in an indoor room tends to have less lighting due to lack of sun exposure. This thing will be compounded in winter unless you install additional installations.
Solutions to overcome the lack of sunlight on indoor plants:

  • You must place the indoor lavender plant near the window.
  • If the pot is not right on the edge of the window, then use a plant stand or small table to give your plants enough sunlight.
  • If point number 2 is not possible, then you can use artificial sunlight in the form of tube fluorescent light bulbs. Place it in the range of 6 to 12 inches above your plants.
  • Another solution is to use an LED grow light. This type is more efficient in energy use.

Important things to keep in mind

When you are growing a fragrant flower plant at home, you have to keep certain things in mind.

  1. The right sizes of the pot are critical.
  2. The height of the container for the Lavender plant must be 1 to 2 inches longer than the root of the plant.
  3. The pot that is too large can have a negative effect. If the container is too large, there will be excess soil space, while there are not enough roots to absorb moisture. This soil can quickly become flooded and produce too much-wet soil if regularly watered. As a result, the roots will be rotten.

What soil should be used for growing Lavender at home?

This beautiful fragrant flower plant is a Mediterranean plant; therefore, it enjoys lean soil. It is necessary to fill the bottom of the pot with limestone gravel for one or two inches and then top it with a mix of basic soilless made for the containers. A tablespoon amount of lime should be combined with the soil for giving it an alkaline edge. To be more practical, you can buy a Lavender Blossoms Grow Kit to make it easier to grow lavender indoors.

What to do during winter?

Because these plants are Mediterranean plants, they tend to prefer warmer environments. Thus, During winter, home lavender plants most likely being more healthy because of the installment and keep them away from the harsh weather.
However, in winter, one of the considerations if planting lavender plants in a room that tends to be cold because of limited space. Other things must be ensured, namely keeping the roots alive throughout the winter. The roots will grow back to normal when spring comes.
As with other plants, you should water the lavender plant after planting it and reduce its frequency during colder months. Water your plants only if about 1 inch of the topsoil layer is dry.

Basics for the plant

Few things you have to keep in mind before purchasing the plant for growing them indoor:

  1. The use of a terra-cotta pot.
  2. The rarity of the lavender’s variety.
  3. French lavender might be the best to grows indoor.
  4. Other varieties that are good to grow in indoor such as Fern Leaf lavender and Canary Island lavender.

The use of lavender at home

The lavender also included in the fragrant flower category. It is a beautiful flower with a very soothing smell and is loved by herbalists and gardeners. Lavender has many uses. When flowering, this plant can provide natural fragrance in your home. Natural fragrant soothing can create psychological effects that are good for mental and psychological health. This plant can also be a part of cooking recipes in your kitchen.
Or maybe it can be used to make homemade lavender perfume. Isn’t it fun to be able to be creative using flowers that you plant and grow in your own home?

Unexpected benefits from lavender from your home

Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal are the two most essential characteristics of the lavender plant. These characteristics make the lavender is an excellent compound for body care products. Furthermore, the smell has a calming effect on your brain (psychologically?).

Lavender has so many other properties that it can be useful for your body in so many ways:

  1. Curing Agent: This plant has healing properties in skin burns. It is because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. There are several ointment products to heal wounds that contain lavender as an ingredient. For example, lavender balm or lavender oil.
  2. Caring Agent: Lavender herbs and essential oils can be used to soften dry skin. Lavender based products can also be used to massage your body or face.
  3. Calming Agent: Lavender tea can be used to reduce anxiety and sleeplessness. Another way to calm yourself down using lavender is to use it for aromatherapy. You can make your aromatherapy ingredients that contain lavender in your own home.

How to use lavender at houses?

All of the plant characteristics mentioned above are also the same reason why these plants are beneficial in terms of domestic matters.

  1. Keeping dry lavender blossoms in your Clothes Wardrobe Closet Cabinet or drawers will keep the moths away from your clothes.
  2. At night, adding a few drops of the essential oil into a diffuser can guarantee you to get a deep calming sleep. Furthermore, this will also keep the house smell good.
  3. Due to its two main characteristics, lavender can also be used as a cleaning agent.

How to use a fragrant lavender flower as food?

Yes, you can use this fragrant flower as food agents.

  1. You can dry lavender blossom to marinate meat.
  2. In a jar, mix fresh lavender with sugar and leave it for several weeks, and then you will see that the sugar will get a little taste and color of the flower, which will make it perfect for icing cake or cookies.
  3. On a hot day, adding a little bit of lavender in cocktails or lemonade will make the drink delicious and refreshing.
  4. On cold days, you can use the lavender in your hot chocolate.


Though lavender is considered as a safe herbal plant like any other thing in the world, not everything is made for everyone.
It is suggested that nurse feeding or pregnant women consult a doctor before using the herb as a medicine. It is okay to double-check when it comes to your health. Also, keep in mind, before using the plant on children, you should dilute the oil and avoid if someone has an allergic.

Read more about the Miscellaneous uses of lavender and lavender oil, here.

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