What Lavender Oil Good for

Underrated Facts About Lavender Oil And It’s Oh So Many Uses (What Lavender Oil Good for)

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What Lavender Oil Good for

What Lavender Oil Good for

Lavender oil is one of the most versatile essential oil which is famous for its many uses. Initially, belonging to the mint family has a unique taste and assumed to be a mix of rosemary and mint. It has a strong scent and a sweet and floral smell, which is quite refreshing and calming.

How lavender oil is extracted from lavender

  • Hand-harvested from the fields
  • After which they are tied to each other in a bunch and dried for a couple of weeks ( this is done to prevent rancidity of the oil and when the plant is dried the buds are easily removed from the stalk)
  • The stem is then distilled to avail most benefits and avoid chemical contamination
  • Lastly, they are placed above the boiling water due to which the pressure pushes the oil to the condenser from where it cools down and liquidates, presenting lavender oil

Various purposes of lavender oil

A versatile essential oil having unique properties provides us with so many of its uses starting from beauty to health, and it has also made its progress towards cooking. With its anti-oxidant, anti-depressant, anxiolytic ability, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties it is used in:

Aromatherapy – It is a harmonious and traditional universal healing treatment. To improve the health of mind, body, and spirit, considering social factors. National Institute for holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) recommended the use of essential oils for holistic healing. It is done by inhaling oils evaporated in the air with the help of a diffuser container or spray bottle and breathing in the oil droplets. Also helpful in steam baths. It helps in the dis-infection of the respiratory tract and has psychological benefits and also helps in decongestion. It stimulates the olfactory system, reaching the parts of the brain which are connected with the smell and reaching the interactive areas of the brain, the limbic system which is involved with emotions, learning memory, and motivation. Lavender oil decrease the heart rate, increases blood circulation, and takes the body in a relaxed state.

Treats Insomnia – Having a lavender plant in the bedroom is recommended as it helps in many ways. Uplifting mood, relieving stress, and great for hormone balance. It induces slow-wave sleep, lowers heartbeat and blood pressure, and brings the body in a relaxed state. Hence, it is recommended for people who have trouble sleeping.

Used for skincare – It detoxifies skin and is used to provide moisture to the human skin. People who have dry skin patches or suffer from scarring, blotching, or acne essential-oil like lavender is the best solution for these problems due to its many anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It is also used to treat eczema and arid skin conditions. It is spa-worthy with rich detoxifying properties for self- care at home. When mixed with a carrier oil, it is used to massage the body, which helps in calming the body and helps with sore muscles and mild pains. It is also used in many anti-aging skin products as it helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. The essential oil is commonly used as the skin toner as well for firm skin. Because it provides an adequate amount of oxygen to the skin, the fragrant flower is used in many products such as soaps, conditioner, shampoo, lotions, shower gel, tinctures, and so. It is also known to have antiseptic properties and at earlier times, was used to clean wounds and treat burns and for a faster recovery.

Promotes hair growth – As we have seen so many of its uses, such as reducing stress and anxiety, curing insomnia, and depression, which is all associated with hair loss. It promotes hair growth; a few drops of lavender oil mixed with carrier oils like jojoba/ coconut are used to massage the scalp. It is also used to cure patch baldness problem. Due to its potent properties, it is also used to treat dandruff and is also a great solution to lice and nits. It is also used as a conditioner for smooth, deeply conditioned, and shiny hair. It is also assumed that applying lavender oil to eyelashes induces thick and robust growth of eyelashes as I kill some bacteria and helps clear pores. But, it is not entirely confirmed about the eyelash growth scientifically.

Perfumes – lavender has a marvelous smell, and its fragrance is quite rich, calming, and refreshing. It is a sedative-like. The most fragrant lavender species are Lavandin (Lavandula x Intermedia), English lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia). These are one of the most fragrant species of lavender, which are commonly used for making perfumes. The fresh, sweet-smelling floral smell of lavender is quite in demand. Many also use lavender oil directly on the neck and wrist as perfume. There are many homemade lavender perfume processes, as well. It is also diffused in the bedroom due to its romantic and calming smell.

Anti-fungal -Due to its anti-fungal property, it is used to clean the wounds, treating burn marks and scars. Also know to treat athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworms, stinging and treating insect bites and the itching and sting of bug bites.

Cooking – It is used in garnishing the deserts, and just a few drops on top give the dish a unique taste. It is commonly used in savory dishes like fish cakes. People can take the recipe from bland to a unique taste. It is known to make the food quite rich in nutrition, along with adding a flavor to it.

We have seen so many benefits of lavender oil, but that was the bright side of the picture as everything comes with pros and cons; let’s look at some of the disadvantages which it brings to people at times. It is seen to cause headaches, vomits, constipation, and an increase in appetite for people. It does not suit. Pregnant women are advised not to use lavender oil, or for people who are scheduled to undergo surgery as it affects the central nervous system and mixed with anaesthesia, it can lower the heart rate quite low.

For more information, you can also read about Biological activities of Lavender essential oil, here.

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